Our Approach

I believe in providing personalized nurturing engaging relationships, making the students feel secure in their opinions and guiding them through the process of making quality choices in class as well as outside of lessons. I promote discipline, responsibility and accountability while setting attainable goals. I look forward to communicating with students as we pass in the halls, on campus or in town running errands. Interaction of any kind, a smile, a waive or a short discussion is vital to building a positive relationship where the individual feels confident to express themselves with fellow students and teachers. Giving the students the opportunity to have their musical voices heard is a valuable way for students to reach their potential.  I feel they will only contribute with positive results if they are in a comfortable secure atmosphere.

Our Philosophy

While building a positive relationship I try to find interests of students and include them in the curriculum whenever possible. It is my belief that if the student feels they are contributing to the class material not only are they helping design the curriculum but they are bringing forward the points that interest them. Having their ideas validated keeps them stimulated to learn and motivated to offering more views or ideas in the future. When they are personally involved they dedicate the time needed and the creativity will flourish. I appreciate questions but rather than offering the answer I encourage them to take the necessary steps to resolve the issue. I feel achieving periodic goals along with the development of fundamental study habits introduces the importance of persistence and dedication.

I have been teaching for almost 30 years and the past 25 years at my private studio and at Wooster School. I must admit that I have never sat down and thought about my teaching philosophy. After a few moments, I began to realize that I have been following my own philosophy for years without ever labeling it. My philosophy has developed through the years but continues to be adjusted as I gain more experience. I believe the foundation of my ideology goes back even further than my experience as an instructor. It reflects upon the way I was guided by my educators and my parents. They way I learned to respect myself, others and my surroundings. To work hard for what you want and always maintain dignity and honesty. To be confident and humble but believe that you can make a difference. I draw from my experiences daily and I anxiously await the lessons I will learn everyday with every student.



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